Grant B. For VP

I may be an idiot, but I do know how to code a website!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone outside of the DCE Gaming Club is not able to participate, so there really isn't any point in watching the video. Sorry about that. Congrats on guessing the passcode though. :3

One thing I have always found boring about elections, is that many ads are just slandering each other. I wanted to make my campaign actually have some incentive lol. I have been learning a lot about website development recently, and I decided that I know enough to make this website. I mean, I even made a passcode just to get to the website. HTML is lots of fun to learn. On many computer browsers, one fun thing you can do is right click, and click inspect. Obviously you can do random stuff and mess with the text on the screen while inspecting, but you can also view all of the code on the website. It inspired me to start learning how to code, and that eventually brought me here. It's an interesting detail that really just makes any website open source. Another thing that I found really interesting is roman history. Imagine just being so powerful that you kind of just take over a government. Though I wouldn't really want to get stabbed by my friends. This challenge will be difficult, and it will require effort, but honestly I have already given you everything you need. Once you find the first challenge, you will know what to do to beat it. After completing the first challenge, and all of the other challenges, you will need to send me ligit evidence through this link. Sent in either photo or video evidence that you have completed the challenge. Your photo must have some evidence that you actually took this photo, so add yourself in the frame and take a funny photo ig; This also applies for screenrecordings. Optionally, you can also just have me watch you complete it in person, and then there would be no need to send me the evidence. I will leave you with a clue: Pfiiv! F xiobxav dxsb vlr xii lc qeb fkcl vlr kbba.