If you've actually made it to this point, I applaud you! Your next challenge is to play some games! It kind of makes sense with this being a gaming club, so you should have prepared. You will play three different games: Galaga (Arcade), Joust (Arcade), and Shao-Lin's Road (Arcade). You will need a non school device to complete this challenge.

Now, it is somewhat difficult to actually play these games, which is why I have provided the resources you need! First, go to this site and download the latest version of MAME. Next download these game files here,here,and here. Once you have everything downloaded, you will need to move all of those unextracted game files to a folder called ROMs. This folder is located within the folder containing all of the MAME contents. Once that is done, click on the MAME folder in your files application, and click on the file with the blue 'M' icon. Once the application is opened up, click on the Available tab in the left sidebar. Click on the game you want to play first. Once you have started up the game, you must configure the controls for the game. You will have to repeat this process for the other two games. Click on the tab key on your keyboard and click on the input controls. From there you can press enter while highlighting whatever controls you want to change. Then, input whatever new key you want, and press escape until you get back to the title screen. You must get 60,000 or more on Joust, and 100,000 on Shao-Lin's Road, and 70,000 on Galaga. Good Luck!

If you do not have access to a computer, you can instead beat these scores on Javatari: 500,000 on Asteroids, 94,000 on Private Eye, 3500 on Enduro.